Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Mixed feelings

I was planning to show you guys well organized backyard with nice sunbed.. but my weekend quick make over- organizing challenge slapped into my face. Not quite ready yet, what do you think. This is like a whole big domino theory - to get things done you have to do this, that and lot before you can do the actual thing you are supposed to do.  

And while I'm replanting and playing with pots, my daughter made this arrangement by our backdoor. She has chose the geraniums and petunia to go along. But I'm sure I'll be sipping some nice wine next weekend in my sunbed. And even the sunbed is where it supposed to be. Just feeling really frustrated and bit disappointed for my own high expectations. But going strongly forward, see you!

Ha, I found how was the layout at the first year.
Happy gardening!

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