Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Not dead yet

Hello there, I'm not dead yet tho it's been awhile.. My last post was three (yes three) years ago. Since then we've had covid-19 break out and many other things. Fall 2016 I had kind a burn out or mild depression which lead in to a lack of interest in to my dear hobbies blogging, home deco and diy. I started doing only things that bring me instant joy and strength to carry on.

My long time dream was then to learn how to ride a horse (still kinda is). I started riding lessons in dutch and in time I did not understand half of what they were saying on the lesson.. Perseverance kept me going and joy of learning new things. Same time I started studying in open university - although learning new things. My first essee was horrible to read, mile long sentences and I had no glu of new studying methods. But course after course I did get better and now 76 studypoints later, I am a better writer and I do know how to navigate in online library. Long story short I've done other things than writing a blog, I've thought about it, but done nothing to it.

Now, today is the day. I am willing to give this blog a one more go. I'll try if I have still some thing to give to this ongrowing online realm, where youtube and tiktok are conquering the world.

One thing what made me stop creating new content was that I had nothing to say, no new things to show and mainly thought that I was not enough, my blog was not enough. I've grown, got older maybe wiser too.. And I think I still have story to tell and things to share.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Hungarian hot wax - chilies

This is our first year when we try to grow chilies. I ordered yellow medium hot chili seeds called Hungarian hot wax. From the first sowings (12 plants) I managed to keep only two alive. Those little black fly-babies ate them all. Just to try my luck I sowed second sow in may and they are now blooming - not bad would I say, from the beginner.

Our chilies are outside, west facing fence behind which blocks nicely the most hottest afternoon sun. It has been so warm here in the Netherlands and chilies just love it. I bought two extra plants in may (when I thought our chilies don't make it) and they are delivering a second harvest already. Labels show that these should be a low and medium heat chilies, but heat is very unevenly in the chilies. But I certainly like these red chili-varieties - good taste and not too much heat. Hungarian hot wax is not to bee tested yet, I'll hope soon.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Jungle at the allotment

Hello again. Month June has gone so fast. My trip to Amsterdam with my friend, summer parties including midsummer party with our guests from Finland, children's school trips and festivities... and what else? Yes, allotment. Well thing is it has not really been raining here in Tilburg elsewhere well but not here. So I've done great a mount of watering (and weeding). I sure have to say that everything has been growing well. When I looked at the end of may pics all the plants were tiny and now almost full size and still going strong. This year was first year that I really have tried to expand my growing season and it sure is longer here in the Netherlands than in south Finland.

Here above is my Nero di Milano - planted out few weeks ago, hoping to get harvest during our summer holiday. First seedling gives already a nice harvest (planted out mid may). Below first sweetcorn seedlings are going strong (out in mid may). Summer flowers haven't been a great success, but some are in bloom. Maybe I sowed them too late, or I'm just impatient. 

 Sweet pea (Royal Blue) was a gift from my neighbor - jus loving it. Both pumpkins Muscat de Provence (green) and Sweet mama (yellow) grows good in these hotbeds. Hotbed also holds the moisture little bit better than bare ground. They are both now size of small skills football. 

I have been harvesting turnips, beetroot and also potatoes. Early variety Tiamo wasn't my favorite but middle early Gourmandine is so tasty. No wonder it was advertised to be good for cooking. Allotment really looks bit like a jungle, but I do not mind. It may look a bit messy jungle, but it is my jungle and I love it. 

Vielä ehtii mukaan pääsiäisvalmisteluihin

Vielä ei ole liian myöhäistä aloittaa pääsiäisvalmisteluja lasten kanssa. Me askartelimme virpomisvitsat jo viime viikonloppuna, sillä...