Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Hungarian hot wax - chilies

This is our first year when we try to grow chilies. I ordered yellow medium hot chili seeds called Hungarian hot wax. From the first sowings (12 plants) I managed to keep only two alive. Those little black fly-babies ate them all. Just to try my luck I sowed second sow in may and they are now blooming - not bad would I say, from the beginner.

Our chilies are outside, west facing fence behind which blocks nicely the most hottest afternoon sun. It has been so warm here in the Netherlands and chilies just love it. I bought two extra plants in may (when I thought our chilies don't make it) and they are delivering a second harvest already. Labels show that these should be a low and medium heat chilies, but heat is very unevenly in the chilies. But I certainly like these red chili-varieties - good taste and not too much heat. Hungarian hot wax is not to bee tested yet, I'll hope soon.

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