Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Making a hotbed - lämpöpenkin teossa

Hello, a lot has happened in a week. I started last week building up these compost cages and filling up with weeds and fresh horse manure. I've been watching swedish Sara Bäckmo's Youtube channel during cold winter months and there I got the idea. Sara has made a video about hotbed in a greenhouse and she used weeds as material in her cultivations box. I'm kind of mixing these two methods. I have a lot of grass and weeds and I'm hoping that the warmth of the hod bed is high enough to kill the weeds. So, fingers crossed.

As you can see there comes a smaller raised bed between two hot beds. I've ordered a 1m3 compost to fill these up and it should be arriving this week on easter friday. I had my son with me at the allotment and he was the official photographer of the day and a helpful digger.

Relaxing and Happy Easter Week!

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